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Understanding Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance is a specific type of insurance that most businesses will need. In fact, it is required in New York, New Jersey and all other states (with the exception of Texas). Purchasing this type of insurance is typically going to be quite easy and in most cases very affordable. There are a number of factors, however, that you’ll want to learn about before making a decision about the policy you choose.

What is Covered Under a Policy

Like Most insurance policies the specific coverage will vary depending on a number of factors. In general, however, a policy will pay for things like medical services that are required for employees who are injured or exposed to illness on the job. It will also help to cover lost wages if an employee is temporarily disabled due to something that takes place on the job. In the event that an employee is permanently disabled due to a job related event, workers compensation insurance will also make payments to the employee. Should someone die on the job, a death benefit is typically given to the family.

Workers compensation insurance also provides many benefits to the employer. For example, this type of insurance will pay the legal costs that arise if an employee attempts to sue the employer after getting hurt on the job. They will also cover some types of settlement costs for these types of legal situations.

Determining Workers Compensation Premiums

The premium that a company will have to pay is calculated by a number of factors. First, the type of business that is being insured will have a big impact on the cost. High risk jobs such as electricians or construction companies are going to have a higher premium than a low risk job. The salary levels of employees will also have an impact since the insurance provider will need to pay out based on the salary of the employee if they are injured. One of the biggest factors that can change the premium of a workers compensation insurance policy is the history of the company. Companies that have a history of people getting hurt or having lots of accidents will need to pay higher premiums. This is one more reason why it is so important for all businesses to have a strong focus on safety.

How can GMI Help

Here at GMI we are here to help your business get the best quality workers compensation insurance policy possible based on your specific situation. We have helped hundreds of businesses throughout New York, CT and NJ and would love to add you to our growing list of happy customers. When you come to us you will work with an expert insurance professional who can look at your business and help match you up with the right policy.

We work with all the top insurance providers to find out which one can give you the best coverage for the lowest prices. Since we send these companies so much business we can often negotiate rates that are lower than would otherwise be possible, which is how we can save our customers money. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us at 212-671-2562 or 718-676-9743 today.